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Enthusiasm Counts when you want The One

Enthusiasm Counts when you want The One

Delayed for way to long – we finally got to visit Eli Van Der Walt. A youngster when compared to some of the other outfitters we know but oozing with experience in every aspect. What we found incredible was that Eli has the ability to take it slow, if that is your hunting style, but also uses every ounce of energy to get you exactly what you want. Enthusiasm counts when you want THE ONE.

One of Eli’s regular clients, sitting with a male lion.

The Arrival

I’ve met Eli plenty of times before at industry meetings, tradeshows and other related gatherings. He is the type of person you always remember meeting as his outspoken and energetic manner just shines through. This is something I also noticed while hunting with Superior Safaris. Sometimes we get tired, sometimes we want to give in, and sometimes we settle for a lesser trophy because we have lost hope – that is when your hunting guide need to have the people skills. And this, you will find at Superior Safaris.

The Van Der Walt family owns Superior African Hunting Safaris, with Eli van der Walt as head PH. All African outfitters are hardworking men, but somehow Eli takes his dedication to create an incredible experience one step further.

In camp, we experienced the complete African experience in a beautiful thatch roof lodge. You will feel the warm embrace of dozens of stories as you look around you at all the stunning pictures and taxidermy. Just ask Eli the story behind each and watch the smile on his face as he recalls the memory.

A hunter will be fully taken care of with an in-house chef who prepares delicious meals three times a day. Snacks will also be served along with plenty of refreshment options after a successful day of hunting. Hunting with Superior is a comfortable experience, thanks to Eli’s dedication to the craft. Your PH at Superior will explain every step you need to take in detail and encourage you to remain calm, take your time and only squeeze the trigger when you are ready. Considering the quality genetics on this hunting block, even the most dedicated hunters will appreciate this calm manner of hunting. You will not lose the fantastic trophies roaming these grounds. That calmness coupled with Eli’s immediate switch to something akin to a bloodhound ensures you will have an absolute blast!

The Hunting

Eli is a textbook hunting guide. Personality put aside (I’ll get to that in just a second) Eli does everything I was taught by the legendary Mr Ian Goss, and then some. He communicates clearly, takes you and your health into consideration, places you in the best possible position for a clear shot, discourages you to shoot if you are looking anxious, and does everything he can to get you into a better or closer position, and (and this is the magic) stands behind you with his bino’s when you take a shot.

To non-guides, that last part might seem insignificant. But it is only a simple example of the small things Eli does to increase your chances of a successful hunt. The small things that most hunting guides stop doing after they become “comfortable”. As a former PH myself, I notice these things. When a guide shows you dry twigs on the ground so you don’t step on it, holds back the thorn branches so you can easily and quietly move through the brush, pauses for a minute after a stalk so you can catch your breath before you shoot, and yes, standing behind you looking through his binocular to ensure he has the best possible chance of seeing where your shot lands in real time. All of this adds up and at the end of the day you will have a successful hunt without even noticing the smaller details that increased your chances.

it is very clear that Eli is a skilled hunter, but what makes hunting with Superior such a joy is much rather his personality. Eli is a conversationalist with a wide interest in various topics. He must have checked with me three times a day just making sure I have everything I needed.

Except form the hunting experience with Eli which was superb, the Superior team is truly- well, Superior. Our wonderfully comfortable rooms where always kept tidy, the chef was fantastic, and the support staff new exactly what to do. Another member of the team who deserves an honourable mention is Savuti, Eli’s hunting dog. Still young when I visited, she knows exactly what her job is. Combine all this with the hunting style and expertise and you’ve got yourself one bloody amazing hunting outfit!

While at Superior, I managed to get some hunting done in the two days I was there. The above video is a short little clip of the Sable I shot, and below is a black Impala. Eli has plenty of game on his estate which also includes some colour variants and fantastic Buffalo bulls!

The Triple Certification

I was having such an amazing time with Eli in camp that I almost forgot to complete the certification! But due diligence is the name of the game and we intend to bring you only the very best hunting outfits.

Superior Safaris passed the Triple Certification with flying colours. This outfit was awarded the Gold Certification, missing Diamond only because of Eli’s years as a hunting outfit. Those of you who have studied our documentation would know that a minimum criterion for Diamond outfitters is 25 years of experience as a hunting outfitter. Yes, the criteria are steep – but we do this for you, the hunters, and the integrity of our criteria is crucial.

Other than that, Eli and the entire Superior team are focused on sustainable use constantly converting old cattle lands into lush wildlife vegetation, every single facility is of high quality and Eli’s skills as a guide & outfitter would have you think that an honorary Diamond Certification could’ve been awarded.

The Conclusion

We are honoured to welcome and award Superior Safaris with the Hunt Africa Gold Certification.

The entire Hunt Africa team, and me personally, recommend and guarantee your having an unforgettable time with Superior African Hunting Safaris.

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