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The Van Der Walt family owns Superior African Hunting Safaris, with Eli van der Walt as head PH. All African outfitters are hardworking men, but somehow Eli takes his dedication to create an incredible experience one step further.

In camp, a hunter can expect the complete African experience in a beautiful thatch roof lodge. You will feel the warm embrace of dozens of stories as you look around you at all the stunning pictures and taxidermy. Just ask Eli the story behind each and watch the smile on his face as he recalls the memory.

A hunter will be fully taken care of with an in-house chef who prepares delicious meals three times a day. Snacks will also be served along with plenty of refreshment options after a successful day of hunting.

Hunting with Superior is a comfortable experience, thanks to Eli’s dedication to the craft. Your PH at Superior will explain every step you need to take in great detail and encourage you to remain calm, take your time and only squeeze the trigger when you are ready. Considering the quality genetics on this hunting block, even the most dedicated hunters will appreciate this calm manner of hunting. You will not lose the fantastic trophies roaming these grounds!

My father taught me a valuable lesson when I was starting out my hunting career many years ago, he told me that the day I stop enjoying the hunt, the chase, the challenges and the frustrations of hunting, is the day I must stop guiding all together. His reasoning was such, that what you are helping people achieve is an opportunity to live out the dream of a lifetime and that is why no matter what, you must love every single aspect of what you do so that you can focus on making sure you give your everything to provide the best hunting experience possible for your clients. 10 years later I have never ever looked back with an ounce of regret. Hunting is my passion, it is a part of who I am, where I belong and what makes me whole. I tell all of my clients on the first day of their hunt that 99% of the things they see and experience will be things that relatively few people have ever experienced in their lives and that you should always make the most of it whether it’s a Mamba or an exceptional trophy as there is a good chance that it may only happen once Eli Van Der Walt



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