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    YouTube: Hunt Africa
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    Thank You, You are supporting a greater cause

    It is my greatest wish to see hunting restored in all its glory with respect on the global stage. Hunting is more than a fun activity or a strong family tradition, but it is the unification of man and beast, civilization and mother nature. It is what keep good men sane. The act of going out into the wild in search of prey, passing up on many opportunities as we wait for the most responsible individual to take, and then acting mercifully by working hard to get a fair shot for a quick and comparatively painless death. This is what makes a man. Courage, patience, and mercy. 

    At our business is to help hunters find the continent’s best hunting areas. But our mission is to protect the dark continent and do all we can to preserve her wild habitats. We work with our outfitter partners and alongside our hunter-clients to ensure this mission does not remain but words. 

    It is therefor that I would like to thank you, each and every user of our services, for playing your part in making this mission a reality. You might not be aware, but by using our platform you push the African hunting industry to be more responsible, more sustainable & more transparent. And along with our partners from around the world, you allow us to push back against those who seek to colonize African wildlife for their own, personal, emotive reasons. 

    Again, thank you. And God bless.

    J. Adolf Kleinhans
    Hunt Africa CEO


    Our Mission


    A Prosperous Hunting Industry

    By ensuring that clients book only with outfitters who have shown dedication to the craft, sustainable management of habitats & a quality experience; our industry will thrive. By being responsible in our actions, the rich tradition of hunting may be rejuvenated once more.


    Exceptional Experiences

    For the first time ever hunting clients can peak behind the curtain of the African hunting industry and truly know who to trust, and which outfitters to choose. Through our certification and side-by-side comparison of hunts, all hunters will have an exceptional experience.


    Sustainable utilization

    Hunt Africa manages the pro-utilization NGO, Project Savannah. Project Savannah is not tied to any organization, political ideologies or private entities, and work independently to 1) ensure all hunting operations happen in a sustainable manner, and 2) funds are available to push back against radical anti-utilization organizations who seek to colonize African wildlife.