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Unfamiliar with the Triple Certification?

Please read our documentation on the Triple Certification to understand why we deem it necessary for outfitters to be certified before being promoted via our global network. Hunt Africa profits from the commissions earned when we book hunts on your behalf. We do not profit from the certification process. However, the process is not free as it includes the creation of multiple media items, an ad campaign, labour costs, travel costs and many more services. This is all required, as we believe in Experienced, Quality, Sustainable outfitters. The only way to verify that our partners comply with the highest of standards is through an in-person certification. 

If you haven’t already, or you wish to re-read the documentation on the Triple Certification and why we value it so much, please read it now: 

Let's get you more bookings and grow our industry

Listing your hunting areas on Hunt Africa and presenting yourself to the international market as one of Africa’s steadfast, reliable & trustworthy outfitters, is easier than you might think. Hunt Africa believes in value, and we wish to see this industry prosper. That is why we have embarked on this journey to ensure that our beloved hunting industry in Africa remains of exceptional quality, and all deserving professional hunters may have their day under the sun. 

Keeping our infrastructure running smoothly and traveling across the continent to certify outfitters does not come cheap, however. As such, we have coupled your company certification with our professional photo- & video services so you do not need to pay a cent more than what you would have otherwise. When we come to certify your hunting area, you will not only receive your certification certificate when you pass, but you will also have professional photos of your establishment, several promotional videos & much more. The combination of your certification & new pro-media will serve your growth efforts very well. 

First Time Listing

Triple Certification
$ 1099 Once-Off
  • Requires premises visit by our team
  • Includes Outfitter Certification
  • Includes first area listing valued at $499
  • Includes professional videos ($1200 value)
  • Includes professional premises photography ($300 value)
  • Includes much more. Please view details for more.
  • (The total value of this process is $2300)

Want to list your hunting area, choose how: 

Proposed Area

$49,00 One proposed area listing renewable after 3 months. Upgradeable to Approved Area.
  • This plan includes 1 listing
  • Listings are visible for 90 days
  • "Proposed Area" Listing
  • Limited Support
  • Renewable after 3 months
This listing requires approval by our editors. Although clients will see your listing and be able to contact you, you will not form part of our global marketing network nor be able to list and sell hunting packages. We highly recommend you become certified, please read the documentation below these tables for more information on why we recommend this; or click here. Add Listing

What option to choose?

Not sure how to list? 

First Time Listing: The Triple Certification process is designed to certify and check the 1) quality, 2) sustainability, and 3) experience of outfitters on a specific hunting area. However, a great hunting area and its staff is only as good as the outfitter who hunts on it. Therefore, it is required for our team to, once-off only, certify the hunting outfitter in unison with your first hunting area listing. This process is more in depth than your subsequent area listings. We know that budgeting is important to our partners, which is why we provide buckets of value included during this first certification process, which includes professional video production and much more. The value of all the services you receive during this process is north of $2000. For more details, please visit this page>> 

Certified Area: If you have already been certified once, your additional hunting areas may be listed easily. The fee you pay here includes our visit to certify your additional hunting area. This time however, we will not produce the same number of media as with the original certification, unless you request it. With additional hunting areas, we produce 2x videos (promo & hunting videos) and take pictures of your facilities. As usual, this is all again available for your free use. 

Proposed Area: We allow proposed listings as we understand new outfitters in the industry might not have funds available for the certification process. However, we highly recommend you become certified for a simple reason: hunting is big business. And to be taken seriously in this industry, you need to take yourself seriously. This means, yes, to become certified, but also to produce high quality photo, video, drone, and promotional material for your company. Our certification process includes professional media work done by staff from our sister company, KC Safari Services, which is a highly respected marketing company in the safari industry. By becoming certified, you enable yourself to be part of our global network, but also to promote your business by investing in it. You owe this much to yourself and your business aspirations. If approved by our editors, your proposed listing puts your hunting area on the map. However, you will not be able to list or sell hunting packages and will not form part of our marketing campaigns. You will also not be promoted by our agents. However, you will be shown to international clients as a “proposed hunting area”, allowed to list due to your industry reputation and one of the next areas we will certify. Clients will be able to find you on the map and if impressed with the information you have provided, they may contact you directly via your listing. Hunt Africa also reserves the right to list Proposed Areas on the recommendation of other Hunt Africa outfitters or our industry knowledge. 

Need more Info?

We understand that our method of connecting international hunters to hunting areas (along with their respective outfitters) is a completely innovative approach. That is why we wish to work with you and ensure you have all the information you require. Hunt Africa has a mission to ensure that quality outfitters prosper, and that hunting clients have nothing short of an exceptional time. 

Feel free to reach out to us: