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Why care about Certification?

Africa is a target rich destination. More simply put – you can find all species in abundance across a very wide area, which means that nearly all outfitters can offer you the same species at the same price. A better way to approach Africa then is to browse a selection of hunting areas from a trusted source, and from that, find a hunting area that matches your needs & expectations – this is where we come in.

At, we travel the dark continent in search of the absolute best hunting outfits. We then go through our standardized 101-point certification process which looks at three aspects: quality, sustainability & experience – aptly named the Triple Certification.

Being an independent organization with standard certification fees across the board, we are a group of Africans who happen to be ex professional hunters ourselves, in a unique position to give hunters from around the globe not only an honest review, but objective certification results to ensure you hunt with only the best.

The Expert's Choice

We visit each outfit for an in-person certification. These are our best experiences.

We Recommend Gold & Diamond Certified

Hunt Africa's Certification Levels What is it, and which one to choose?

On you will find two main types of outfitters operating our hunting areas. Certified, and proposed. 

Certified Outfitters are further divided into three levels: “certified”, “gold”, and “diamond”. All certified outfitters, irrelevant of the level, are excellent and passed our 101-point Triple Certification process. These are Africa’s absolute best. 

Proposed areas are also divided into two levels: “proposed”, and “approved” areas. Proposed outfitters have added themselves and are digitally verified by our team. Approved outfitters are an upgraded version of proposed outfitters – they have been approved on a preliminary basis by digitally passing our certification via an online form – but they have not yet been visited by our team, and as such we cannot guarantee your experience. 


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