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Hunt Africa's Hunting Areas & the Triple Certification

Hunt Africa is an always-online showcase of Triple Certified hunting areas & the outfitters who run these hunting blocks.  

What then, is Triple Certification? For the hunting industry to thrive, remain sustainable and for clients from around the globe to enjoy every single experience to the utmost extent, Hunt Africa has developed a 101-point certification, which scores three main categories:

  1. Experience (of the hunting guide and staff); 
  2. Sustainability (of the habitats, animals & local community); 
  3. Quality (of the Facilities, services, logistics, management & dining). 

Hunt Africa is the only place where hunters can safely book a hunt on hunting areas which have been independently certified. To join hunt Africa, an outfitter must first become triple certified. After the individual outfitter has been certified, their respective hunting areas may be added once these areas have been inspected by our team. 

Our Triple Certification has been developed to be all encompassing without penalizing outfitters for offering a specific experience in a specific area. For example, we do not rate outfitters on whether they have white duvets and warm face cloths, but on metrics such as their skinning procedures or kitchen hygiene. The certification looks at 101 individual points of requirement. Once all 101 points have been tallied, outfitters are awarded Triple Certified, Gold Certified or Diamond Certified.

The Triple Certification Outcomes

Triple Certified

Triple Certified Outfitters comply with our 101-point certification and are legal, quality outfitters working to preserve our habitats.

Gold Certified

Triple Certified Outfitters who have shown an incredible dedication to the industry by remaining true, building on their experience, and contributing to the preservation of wildlife and habitats.

Diamond Certified

Locally, they are referred to as "The Dagga Boys". They are the ones who not only know all the hunting stories but lived them. However, at hunt Africa being an industry legend alone isn't enough. Our Diamond Outfitters are extremely experienced, and have proven through the years to give back, and work back, to the land and the people from which they harvest.

The Triple Certification Process

The Triple Certification is graded by reviewing the results of the 101-point criterium against the three sections of the certification:
1- Quality, 2- Sustainability, 3- Experience. 

Please note that Hunt Africa is open to all outfitters who pass the certification. Although we charge a fee for the certification process, we have ensured that any outfitter can join. By including professional video, drone, photography, and many more services with the certification process, we offer excellent value by coupling the certification with an annual service which outfitters would have foregone anyway; namely the creation of promotional content. This ensures that Hunt Africa is not an elite “old boys” club, but a single online collection of all Africa’s finest hunting areas and their respective outfitters. Those who deserve to prosper.